2016-17 Monsoon Semester, Ashoka University, Symbolic Logic

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Sentential Logic

Ch. 1 Preliminary Definitions

Ch. 2 Syntax of SL

Ch. 2 Translations in SL

Ch. 3, 5.1 Semantics of SL

Ch. 3, 5.1 Truth-Functional Definitions

Ch. 6.1-6.3 Inference Rules for SD

Ch. 6.6 Constructing Derivations in SD

Ch. 6.7 Proof-Theoretic Definitions

Quantified Logic

Ch. 4 Syntax of QL

Ch. 4 Loglish

Ch. 5 Semantics of QL

Ch. 5 Model-Theoretic Definitions

Ch. 6 Inference Rules for QD

Ch. 6 Proof-Theoretic Definitions for QD

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